Pleasant Night with a Friend

I intend to retool my house to become a coveted “smart home” with all the new bells and whistles. It is a temporary residence or I would have had an automated place long ago. As a believer in automation, the first thing I want is a home that can be operated with my computer or cell phone. I want to embrace the Internet of Things with all my devices.  One thing I definitely will include is a whole house programmable air filter. Let me tell you why. When I finally get the system, I will be extolling its many virtues in future blogs.

I spent a pleasant night playing cards and listing to music with a friend. Little did I know the consequences until the next morning. The rec room where we had idled for many hours reeked of cigarette smoke. Not from me, however. My friend is the culprit this time. My dog has been a source of odor in my house for a while, which already started me thinking about an air purifier. But the stale smoke sealed the deal. Sure, I can open the windows and air out the room, plus spray it to death with air freshener; but there is nothing like an air filtration system such as these: People tell me they don’t worry about smelly dogs or friends who puff away incessantly; it is all taken care of as the motor whirs.

I love the idea of an automated system that can be set to the hours you want it to run and the degree of suction. If you have major issues, you will want a larger, more advanced filtering unit. Obviously small apartments require less. And they make them to fit all budgets. I sound like a salesman, don’t I? It is just that when I am onboard with something, I like to let people know. Most of the time, I am preaching to the choir. We all want the same things, although we might need a little prodding to let go of some hard-earned cash.

I want to live a life based on automation. The industrial world relies on it, so why not us ordinary folk? It makes our lives easier and hassle free. Little things like smoke odor can be annoying and aggravate health problems. I believe in automated cars that drive themselves (a fancy version of cruise control), lawn mower robots that find their own way through the yard, and all the thousands of manufacturing assembly machines that need no humans to do their job. I should have been an industrial engineer in the field of automation since it is clearly my passion. Meanwhile, I will be content with a programmable air filter system.