Automation in Everyday Life

People don’t always think about the various ways that automation makes everyday life easier. In fact, many individuals go through their daily lives without giving it any thought whatsoever. However, there are those individuals that would not be able to live their lives in the same way without automation. The truth is, automation is something that touches the lives of most people on a daily basis. The thing is, it’s not always so easy to recognize unless you’re looking for it.

When most people think about automation, they picture an automobile assembly line that’s run by robots and computer-operated machinery. To a certain extent, this is a correct assumption but it doesn’t stop there. Automation occurs in practically every area of manufacturing where a certain part or item has to be manufactured and distributed in large quantities, especially when that item is needed in a relatively short amount of time. There was a time when most items were made by hand, but once it was discovered how much more efficient automation could make things, most factories switched over to this process. This brings items that you use in your everyday life into the big picture.

Did you ever stop to think about the jeans that you wear or the food you feed your dog being products of automation? Most people don’t. Take the example of feeding your dog. Imagine how long it would take if all the food were manufactured completely by hand, then sent to an area where people were filling bags by hand and sealing them without the help of any type of automation. This would dramatically slow down the process, making much less of this particular product available for purchase. In turn, the price would increase.

Instead, most companies rely on automation. Certain ingredients are mixed together and then sent by computer-operated machinery to bagging areas where the bags are then sealed and weighed. It speeds up the entire process, thereby making it easier for you to purchase the bag of dog food you need and it helps keep prices at a reasonable level. This is just one example of automation in everyday life. While you might think about your car as something that is a perfect example of automation, virtually everything that you purchase at a department store is also a product of it as well.

Even food products that you eat are involved in the automation process. If you put cheese slices on a bologna sandwich, you can bet that no one was standing there slicing the cheese by hand and then wrapping it in a plastic wrapper. Instead, it was all made possible through some form of automation.

As you can see, automation really does occur in many parts of your everyday life. Unless you’re wearing clothing that was handmade or you deal almost exclusively with handcrafted objects, automation has been involved at one point or another. In some cases, it’s directly involved in the manufacture of the items that you use and in other cases, it’s involved in the distribution of those items. Either way, it’s something that occurs on a regular basis concerning almost every item that you come into contact with each day.